I had a very enriching experience during the Transnational Access with Brisk2. As part of the visit, I worked with the Membrane Distillation Rig at the HPT lab in KTH. This rig is useful in separation of various liquid-liquid mixtures and as part of the visit, I was testing the feasibility of separating mixtures of acetone, butanol and ethanol in water. The main idea behind this is that the final step of separation of biofuels from water is usually energy intensive and contributes significantly to the cost. So, if MD could be successful in separation of biofuels, this could drive down the cost and open the doors for cheap biofuels based on 3rd generation biomass.

We are still analysing the results of the experiments so it would be difficult to comments on the results. Personally, I learnt a lot during the visit and gained very valuable research experience in the field of biofuels