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BRISK2 offers biofuels researchers the opportunity to access facilities at 15 partner organisations. Below is a summary of all 55 installations, and at the bottom a rig list by topic, both with an interactive search feature.

To take advantage of Transnational Access with BRISK2, first find the rig/installation you would like to visit. Then contact the project partner/host organisation to begin developing your work plan and application form. Find out about eligibility and the proposal process on the Apply page.



Search for the rig you need


Identify the rig code and check availability


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Rig List – All Installations & Availability

PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameRig Status Rig Contact Email
Aston UniversityUnited KingdomASTON1Bioenergy Research Group - Pyrolysis, Catalysis, Characterisation and Upgrading and moreAvailableScott Bankss.banks@aston.ac.uk
BESTAustriaBE1Pilot Scale Combustion PlantUnavailableStefan Retschitzeggerstefan.retschitzegger@best-research.eu
BESTAustriaBE2Combustion reactor coupled with drop furnaceAvailableStefan Retschitzeggerstefan.retschitzegger@best-research.eu
BESTAustriaBE3Fixed bed lab scale reactorAvailableStefan Retschitzeggerstefan.retschitzegger@best-research.eu
BESTAustriaBE4Single Particle ReactorAvailableStefan Retschitzeggerstefan.retschitzegger@best-research.eu
BESTAustriaBE5TGA-DTG-DSC Coupled with a Mass Spectrometer AvailableStefan Retschitzeggerstefan.retschitzegger@best-research.eu
CENERSpainCENER1Pelleting Pilot Plant PEL)AvailableInés del Campo idelcampo@cener.com
CENERSpainCENER2Torrefaction Pilot Plant (TOR)AvailableInés del Campo idelcampo@cener.com
CENERSpainCENER3Gasification UnitAvailableInés del Campo idelcampo@cener.com
CENERSpainCENER4Prototype Pilot Plant for Biochemical ConversionAvailable Inés del Campo idelcampo@cener.com
CENERSpainCENER5Pilot Plant BiochemicalAvailable Inés del Campo idelcampo@cener.com
CERTHGreeceCERTH1Biomass laboratory analyses ISO certified AvailableKyriakos Panopolouspanopoulos@certh.gr
ENEAItalyENEA1Batch Steam Explosion reactor AvailableFrancesco Zimbardifrancesco.zimbardi@enea.it
ENEAItalyENEA2High pressure and temperature batch reactor AvailableFrancesco Zimbardifrancesco.zimbardi@enea.it
ENEAItalyENEA3Membrane reactor and separator Pd/Ag based AvailableFrancesco Zimbardifrancesco.zimbardi@enea.it
ENEAItalyENEA4Pilot scale Updraft Gasification AvailableFrancesco Zimbardifrancesco.zimbardi@enea.it
ENEAItalyENEA5Hydrogen enrichment module AvailableFrancesco Zimbardifrancesco.zimbardi@enea.it
KITGermanyKIT1Fast Pyrolysis process development unit (PYTHON)AvailableAxel Funkeaxel.funke@kit.edu
KITGermanyKIT2 Hydrothermal liquefaction unit (PAUL)UnavailableAxel Funkeaxel.funke@kit.edu
KITGermanyKIT3Continuous reactor for upgrading of biogenic intermediates (KRABI)Available from September 2020Axel Funkeaxel.funke@kit.edu
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH1Gas turbine, Stirling engine and other prime movers. UnavailableThomas Nordgreen brisk2@energy.kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH1Gas quality (GasQ) meters.

UnavailableThomas Nordgreenbrisk2@energy.kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH1Air gap membrane distillation (AGMD) test facility.
AvailableThomas Nordgreenbrisk2@energy.kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH2SFP-Steam Fast Pyrolysis fluidized bed system.
AvailableWeihong Yangweihong@kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH2Small scale High-temperature air and Steam thermal conversion Reactor.
AvailableWeihong Yangweihong@kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH3Pressurized fluidized bed reactor facility AvailableKlas Engvallkengvall@kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH35 kWfuel atmospheric bubbling fluidised bed gasifier* AvailableKlas Engvallkengvall@kth.se
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenKTH3Thermogravimetric analyser (TGA)AvailableKlas Engvallkengvall@kth.se
LNEGPortugalLNEG1Biomass fractionation processes development unitAvailableFrancisco Giriofrancisco.girio@lneg.pt
LNEGPortugalLNEG2Lab scale testing in microbial-based biorefineries AvailableFrancisco Giriofrancisco.girio@lneg.pt
LNEGPortugalLNEG3Bench scale co-pyrolysis / co-hydropyrolysis reactor for liquid and gaseous biofuels production AvailableFrancisco Giriofrancisco.girio@lneg.pt
LNEGPortugalLNEG4VLab and pilot scale testing in microalgae-based biorefineries AvailableFrancisco Giriofrancisco.girio@lneg.pt
LNEGPortugalLNEG5Lab and pilot scale wastewater treatment biological reactors (aerobic/anaerobic) AvailableFrancisco Giriofrancisco.girio@lneg.pt
Politecnico di TorinoItalyPOL1Steam explosion + enzymatic hydrolysis + fermentation (bio-H2; biogas) + final use of the gases in SOFC CHP systemsAvailableAndrea Lanziniandrea.lanzini@polito.it
Politecnico di TorinoItalyPOL2RES-enhanced biomass-to-fuel processesAvailableAndrea Lanziniandrea.lanzini@polito.it
Politecnico di TorinoItalyPOL3Industrial scale SOFC installation fed by biogas from a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)AvailableAndrea Lanziniandrea.lanzini@polito.it
SINTEFNorwaySIN1High Throughput Screening/Mass Spectometry UnitAvailableBernd Wittgensbernd.wittgens@sintef.no
SINTEFNorwaySIN2Biorefinery Labs (SINTEF MC ThermoConv)AvailableBernd Wittgensbernd.wittgens@sintef.no
SINTEFNorwaySIN3Biorefinery Labs (SINTEF MC BioChemConv)AvailableBernd Wittgensbernd.wittgens@sintef.no
TNONetherlandsTNO1WOB Lab-scale Reactor for Gasification, Pyrolysis and CombustionAvailableCarlos Mourao Vilelacarlos.mouraovilela@tno.nl
TNONetherlandsTNO2MILENA/OLGA Lab-scale system for indirect gasification, tar removal (and further gas cleaning and upgrading).UnavailableCarlos Mourao Vilelacarlos.mouraovilela@tno.nl
Delft University of TechnologyNetherlandsTUD1Biomass Characterization Lab AvailableChristos Tsekosc.tsekos@tudelft.nl
Delft University of TechnologyNetherlandsTUD2Biomass BFB gasification and gas cleaning unit AvailableChristos Tsekosc.tsekos@tudelft.nl
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG1Fuel test fluidized bed gasifier AvailableAndres Anca-CouceAnca-Couce@tugraz.at
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG2Continuous fluidized bed gasifier, tar cracking and methanation unit AvailableAndres Anca-CouceAnca-Couce@tugraz.at
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG3Fuel cell laboratory AvailableAndres Anca-CouceAnca-Couce@tugraz.at
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG4Slurry oxy-combustion boiler AvailableAndres Anca-CouceAnca-Couce@tugraz.at
VTTFinlandVTT1Bubbling Fluidized Bed gasification Process Development Unit (BFB)UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT2Pressurized Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TGA)UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT3Atmospheric Fixed Bed Reactor (AFBR)UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT4Pressurized Fixed Bed Reactor UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT5Mobile Synthesis Unit Unavailable until at least 2020Sanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT6Fast Pyrolysis Unit UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT7Slow Pyrolysis Unit AvailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
VTTFinlandVTT8Bench-scale Bubbling and Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Units UnavailableSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fiSanna.Tuomi@vtt.fi
WageningenNetherlandsWR1Conical Screw ReactorUnavailablePaulien Harmsenpaulien.harmsen@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR2Counter Current Extraction FacilityAvailableKoen Meesterskoen.meesters@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR3Belt Filter PressUnavailablePaulien Harmsenpaulien.harmsen@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR4100 AND 1000L FermentersUnavailableJeroen Hugenholtzjeroen.hugenholtz@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR5Membrane and Chromatographic Separation and Analytical Characterisation FacilitiesAvailableCarl Saficarl.safi@wur.nl

Rig List – Search By Topic

TechnologyPartner Rig Code
Acid hydrolysisLNEG1
Alcohol water separationKTH1
Alkaline hydrolysisLNEG1
Anaerobic digestionLNEG2, LNEG5
Ash analysisVTT2
Biochemical conversionLNEG2
Biomass characterisationASTON1, CENER1 KTH3, LNEG1, SIN2, SIN3, TUD1, VTT2
Biomass fractionationPOL1, LNEG1
Biomass preparationASTON1, CENER1, CENER2, CENER3, POL1, WR5
Biomass pretreatment and fractionationLNEG1
Bio-oil upgradingASTON1, KIT3, SIN2
CatalysisASTON1, BE4, KTH2, VTT3
Catalytic pyrolysis ASTON1
Catalytic reactor up to 35 barKTH1
Combined heat and powerKTH1
Combustion in BFB and CFBVTT8
Combustion in moving grateBE1
Combustion of solids and slurriesTUG4
Combustion BE1, BE2, BE3, BE4, BE5, ECN1, ECN2, KTH2, POL2, TUG4, VTT3, VTT8
DigestionLNEG2, LNEG5, POL1
Downstream processingLNEG2, LNEG5
Extraction processesLNEG1, LNEG4
FermentationCENER4, CENER5, LNEG2, LNEG5, POL1 SIN3, WR4
Fuel cellPOL1, POL2, POL3, TUG3
GasificationBE3, BE4, BE5, CENER3, CERTH1, ECN1, ECN2, ENEA4, KTH1, KTH2, POL2, TUD2, TUG1, TUG2, VTT1, VTT3, VTT4, VTT5
Gasification, BFB CENER3, ECN1, TUD2, TUG1, VTT8
Gasification, BFB and CFBVTT8
Gasification, downdraftCERTH1
Gasification, indirectECN2
Gasification, integrated with PV and windKTH1
Gasification updraftENEA4
Hemicellulose removalLNEG1
Hydrogen productionENEA5
Hydrogen separation ENEA3
Hydrothermal liquefactionKIT2
Hydrothermal processingASTON1, KIT2, LNEG3, TUG2
Ionic liquidsLNEG1
Life cycle assessmentLNEG4
Lignin removalLNEG1
Membrane reactorENEA3
Membrane systemLNEG2, LNEG5
Microalgal cells disruptionLNEG4
Microalgae cultivationLNEG4
Microalgae productionLNEG4
Off-gas analysisLNEG5
Oligosaccharides productionLNEG1
Photobioreactor LNEG4
Preparation chromatographyLNEG5
Pressure reactorENEA1, LNEG 1
Pressure reactor for pretreatment and fractionationENEA2, LNEG1
PretreatmentCENER4, CENER5, WR2
Product characterisationKTH3, SIN1, LNEG1, LNEG2, LNEG3, LNEG4
Product separationLNEG2
Purification processesLNEG5
Pyrolysis oil hydrodeoxygenation ASTON1, KIT3, SIN2
PyrolysisASTON1, BE3, ECN1, KIT1, KTH2, LNEG3, SIN2, TUD1, VTT6, VTT7
Pyrolysis, analyticalASTON1
Pyrolysis, fastASTON1, KTH2, VTT6, KIT1, KIT3
Pyrolysis, fast in twin screwKIT1
Pyrolysis, fast steam KTH2
Pyrolysis, intermediateASTON1
Pyrolysis, slowASTON1, VTT7
Screw reactorWR1
Separation processes LNEG5, WR3, WR5
SeparationENEA5, WR5
Solvolysis, hydrosolvolysisKIT2
Steam reformingENEA5
Tar analysisBE3, BE5, ECN2, POL2, TUD2, TUG2,
Tar reformingVTT1
Wastewater treatment,LNEG5

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