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Information on BRISK2 Summer Schools

A series of open access summer schools and workshops will take place as part of BRISK2 activities until 2022.

News of future Workshops and Summer Schools will be publicised on this page.


AMBITION held a joint workshop with BRISK2 Project and EERA in September 2019 at Aston University, focusing on Early Stage Techno-Economic Evaluation.

Points covered included:

  • Capital cost estimate of novel processes (A.V. Bridgwater)
  • Methodologies for tools on early stage assessment regarding indicators, sources and treatment of uncertainties in terms of capital & operational costs and market expectations. (Nicolaus Dahmen)
  • EERA JP Bioenergy Sub-program on Sustainability/Techno-Economic Analysis/Public Acceptance.
  • Presentation and critical discussion of case studies on biorefinery technologies from AMBITION, BRISK2 and other projects.
  • Research demand and improvement of methodology.

Participant feedback on the workshop:

Ana-Maria Cortes-Benitez: “The workshop provided a valuable overview of the methods commonly used to carry out technoeconomic assessments for bioenergy projects and tips that are particularly useful when assessing technologies that are still in development. It was also a great opportunity to learn how other organisations carry out the assessments and compare the methods used, considering the complete bioenergy value chain”. 

Arash Aghaalikhani: “A useful practice to understand the challenges in techno-economical assessment of biofuel industry projects and learning practical solutions to approach the problems”.

Scott Banks: “The TEA workshop was a very informative experience with both the basics and in depth details regarding techno economic analysis. The breakaway sessions were very insightful with different peoples opinions and knowledge being expressed. Overall the workshop was a success and I feel that I have taken away some very useful knowledge and tips”.

Summer School – Greece 2018

The first open access BRISK2 Summer School took place at CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2018. Presentations from the event are available below.

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Summer School 2018 - Presentations

The presentations delivered by our BRISK2 experts at the BRISK2 Biofuels Summer School 2018 at CERTH are now available to download. All presentations are subject to copyright. Contact for more information.


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