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Funded by EU Horizon 2020, BRISK2 aims to improve the success of international biofuels research and  implementation.

BRISK2’s main activity is to provide researchers from around the world with access to biological and thermal biomass conversion facilities across Europe by facilitating Transnational Access (TA).

Eligible researchers can apply to utilise the unique facilities and expertise of any BRISK2 research partner outside of their home country. Funding is available for short-term experimental research visits, along with a capped grant for travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Applications are invited year round and are pooled for assessment twice a year in April and October. Individuals or groups of researchers at any stage in their career from industry and academia are welcome to enquire.

Please note, because of current world events resulting from the Corona Virus, applications sent in over the next few weeks and months will be considered from October 2020. 

Apply to BRISK2


Step 1

Identify the host organisation/project partner and rig you wish to use by exploring BRISK2’s rig list. Contact the project partner directly to discuss the viability of your visit, using the Partner Contacts List.


Step 2

Complete the Transnational Access Application Form. Email your completed form to the host organisation for approval. Make sure you begin discussions with your host partner at least 28 days before the application deadline


Step 3

After it has been approved by your host organisation, submit your completed application form  using the online submission form. Then sit back and wait for a response from BRISK2 project coordinators KTH.

 Opportunities include


Free Use of Equipment


Free Access to Expertise


Free Travel & Accomodation

Latest BRISK2 News

BRISK2 News Issue 5

BRISK2 News Issue 5

BRISK2 Newsletter Issue 5 is out now! This issue looks some of the BRISK2's Transnational Access Case Studies from 2018-19, with project updates joint research news too. Access the e-newsletter here.

WP4 Update March 2020 database This update on TNO's database is by Lydia Fryda from TNO  TNO has been developing a biomass and algae database and the latest development is that you can now use an Excel template, provided on the homepage, to send feed stock composition to...

WP7.3 Update March 2020

Innovative approaches for sustainable bio-based products This report is by Ana Cristina Oliveira from LNEG. It is research work developed under Task 7.3. Miscanthus sp. is an abundant and inexpensive feedstock in Europe that can be used as carbon source in media...

WP7 Joint Research Update October 2019

This joint research update comes from Carl Safi and Wim Mulder from WP7, Biorefining Approaches. Carl and Wim are based at the Wageningen University & Research Centre in the Netherlands. WP7 has recently been focusing on investigating new pre-treatment and...

WP6 Joint Research Update October 2019

Members from BE2020+, ECN and CERTH and TUG at the labs of TU Graz: from left to right: Jacqueline Lagler, Lukas von Berg, Peter Sommersacher, Timotheus Tsiotsias, Stefan Martini, Tzouliana Kraia,, Johan Kuipers, Marco Geusebroek, Gernot Pongratz and Andrés Anca-Couce

Our Partners and Facilities

BRISK2 provides access to unique biofuels research equipment across its infrastructure until 2022. Find out more below…

Explore Our Facilities

BRISK2 has 55 installations with a wide range of biofuels research equipment available via Transnational Access. Use our quick search facility to find the equipment you need, or download the full rig list for more detailed rig specifications

Discover Our Partners

BRISK2 has 15 project partners located in 11 countries across Europe, from both academia and industry. Discover the wide ranging expertise available within the research infrastructure, with opportunities for collaboration and career development.

Begin Your Application

The call for Transnational Access proposals is open now, with applications pooled for assessment in April and October. Apply for yourself or your team’s funded BRISK2 biofuels research visit in Europe in just a few simple steps.

Summer Schools & Workshops

BRISK2 will be running a series of open access summer schools and workshops until 2022, which are free to attend for biofuels researchers from across the world. They provide a great opportunity to improve your understanding of conversion processes, with presentations and interactive seminars delivered by our biofuels experts. It’s also a unique opportunity to develop your biofuels research and development network. Sign up for the newsletter for upcoming BRISK2 event announcements.

International Bioenergy Events

Biofuels and bioenergy conferences, exhibitions and courses regularly take place across the world. No matter where you are in your career, this international events list can help you build your knowledge and network.

Please note: The events listed below have been brought to BRISK2’s attention. BRISK2 and associated partners cannot accept responsibility for their content or organisation.

March 19-20, 2020International Conference on Biofuels & Bioenergy

Berlin, Germany
March 27-28, 2020ACI's European Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference

Frankfurt, Germany
April 1-2, 2020Biostimulants Europe 2020Granada, Spain
April 16-17, 202014th International Conference on Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy Singapore
April 20-21, 2020World Congress on Energy Tokyo, Japan
April 20-22, 2020
Scholars International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

Rome, Italy
April 20-22, 2020Argus Biomass Conference
London, UK
April 24-25, 2020
International Conference on Green Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Wuhan, Hubei, China
May 18-20 2020Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering

Würzburg, Germany
May 21-22 2020European Biotechnology Congress 2020

London, UK
May 27-28, 2020Biopesticides Europe 2020
Brussels, Belgium
June 15-17, 202010th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and BioproductsPittsburgh, USA
June 24-25, 202014th International Conference on Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 24-25, 2020European Carbon Black Summit

Frankfurt, Germany
June 24-26, 2020Biotech France 2020Paris, France
July 6-9, 2020EUBCE 2020 Transition to a Bioeconomy
Marseille, France
July 8-10, 2020Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference
Washington DC, USA
July 13-16, 2020WasteEng 2020

Guelph, Canada
July 15, 2020Delivering on net zero carbon in wastewater managementBirmingham, UK
July 22-23, 2020International Conference on Biofuels & Bioenergy

London, UK
July 31-August 01, 2020World meeting on Biofuels and BioenergySingapore
August 16-18, 2020Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition 2020Guangzhou Pazhou, China
August 26-28, 20203rd International Conference on Bioenergy and Clean Energy Sapporo, Japan
September 7-9, 20202nd International Conference on Applied Catalysis & Chemical EngineeringBangkok, Thailand
September 9-11, 20203rd World BioEconomy Forum
Ruka, Finland
September 22-23, 2020Energy for a Net Zero SocietyOxford, UK
September 22-25, 2020GreenCarbon 2020 International SymposiumZaragoza, Spain
September 28-30, 2020ISWA 2020 World CongressRotterdam, Netherlands
November 2- 4, 2020World BioMarkets 2020Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 3- 4, 2020SynBio Markets 2020Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 29-December 4, 2020PYRO 2020Ghent, Belgium

Aysel Elik

BRISK2 Participant
“BRISK2 project gave me the opportunity to access to unique equipment and gain knowledge in the field of the biomass processing”

Dr. Yeshui Zhang

BRISK2 Participant
“I would like to recommend anyone who works in the pyrolysis or gasification area to join BRISK2, It is a great opportunity for the early career researcher to gain more experiences and share ideas with talented researchers across Europe.”

Yan Moiseev

BRISK2 Participant
“BRISK2 is a great opportunity for students like me to get experience working with equipment they do not have access to, and get the taste of cooperation with well experienced professionals from other countries.”

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