Applications for BRISK2 are now closed, this website will remain active until 31-Oct-2024 but will not be monitored during that time.

Boost your biofuels research with one of our 15 project partners

Funded by EU Horizon 2020, BRISK2 aims to improve the success of international biofuels research and  implementation.

BRISK2’s main activity is to provide researchers from around the world with access to biological and thermal biomass conversion facilities across Europe by facilitating Transnational Access (TA).

Eligible researchers can apply to utilise the unique facilities and expertise of any BRISK2 research partner outside of their home country. Funding is available for short-term experimental research visits, along with a capped grant for travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Applications are assessed all year round and individuals or groups of researchers at any stage in their career from industry and academia are welcome to apply. Where travel is not available we may be able to accommodate virtual visits. Our teams of experts at any of our facilities will conduct the experiments on your behalf and send you your results. Furthermore, should your engagement result in a paper, we will assist in open access publications.




BRISK2 at EUBCE 2019

BRISK2 attended the 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal this May (EUBCE 2019). EBRI’s Daniel Nowakowski gave a presentation about BRISK2, highlighting activities and possibilities for research exchange. The BRISK2 stand had over a 100...

BRISK2 Flash Update

Transnational Access So far 81 applications for transnational access have been conditionally or fully approved. Applications are welcome until 2022. Biofuels researchers can apply to BRISK2 at any time whilst the project is active. Some installations have now...

ABC-Salt’s New Research

A new venture in biofuels research is underway, focusing on advanced biomass catalytic conversion to middle distillates in molten salts, in a H2020 project otherwise known as ABC-Salt. ABC-Salt launched in April 2018 funded by Horizon 2020’s Research and Innovation...

BRISK2 at EUBCE 2018

BRISK2 sponsored the 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition from 14 -18 May 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. BRISK2 partners also attended EUBCE 2018 to deliver presentations and posters, with many stopping by the stand to say hello.

RIG Focus: WOB Gasifier at TNO

An energy system based renewable sources is as important as ever. That’s why the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and The Netherlands Applied Energy Organisation (TNO) merged on 1 April 2018 to create ECN part of TNO. Together they will better help...

Transnational Access Update

BRISK2 has completed two calls for applications for transnational access (TA). Sixty applications for TA have now been approved and visits from biofuels researchers to BRISK2 research installations are taking place across Europe. Please take a look at our Case Studies...

Our Partners and Facilities

BRISK2 provides access to unique biofuels research equipment across its infrastructure until 2022. Find out more below…

Explore Our Facilities

BRISK2 has 55 installations with a wide range of biofuels research equipment available via Transnational Access. Use our quick search facility to find the equipment you need, or download the full rig list for more detailed rig specifications

Discover Our Partners

BRISK2 has 15 project partners located in 11 countries across Europe, from both academia and industry. Discover the wide ranging expertise available within the research infrastructure, with opportunities for collaboration and career development.

Begin Your Application

The call for Transnational Access proposals is open now, with applications pooled for assessment in April and October. Apply for yourself or your team’s funded BRISK2 biofuels research visit in Europe in just a few simple steps.

Aysel Elik

BRISK2 Participant

“BRISK2 project gave me the opportunity to access to unique equipment and gain knowledge in the field of the biomass processing”

Dr. Yeshui Zhang

BRISK2 Participant

“I would like to recommend anyone who works in the pyrolysis or gasification area to join BRISK2, It is a great opportunity for the early career researcher to gain more experiences and share ideas with talented researchers across Europe.”

Yan Moiseev

BRISK2 Participant

“BRISK2 is a great opportunity for students like me to get experience working with equipment they do not have access to, and get the taste of cooperation with well experienced professionals from other countries.”

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