We are putting alternative measures to enable access in different facilities to continue. Sadly, applications from non EU / associated states are still paused. Applications from EU and the UK are (Until April 2021) being processed as and when they are received. Therefore, if successful, participants can organise to travel as and when it is safe to do so and complete their BRISK2 visit, rather than having to wait until the next round of assessments.

Where travel is not possible and the experiments need to be conducted in a timely manner (you cannot wait until it is safe to travel), the host institution may be able to conduct the experiments on your behalf and send you your results. We would prefer people to travel as this is the essence of the project, but these are uncertain times and so as long as the host facility agrees, we will complete the experiment on the participant’s behalf. We believe we will come out victorious.

If you believe, a BRISK2 transnational access will be of benefit to your research or business details of how to apply are available on the BRISK2 website www.BRISK2.eu