About Wageningen University & Research

The Bio Based Products (BBP) department of Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) is one of the research institutes under the umbrella of Wageningen University and Research. It is a world leader within the field of biorefining and the production of advanced biofuels, biobased chemicals and innovative biobased materials.

Research Focus:

  • Sustainable biomass mobilisation and supply
  • Biorefining within a Circular Economy
  • Biomass pre-treatment and fractionation
  • Biological / Biochemical conversion
  • Chemical/ chemo-catalytic conversion
  • Carbohydrates, lignins, proteins valorisation to food and non-food biobased products and bioenergy
  • Innovative high-performance biobased materials

Wageningen University and Research provides full sustainable biomass-to-products chain development, optimisation and deployment

The Biobased Products Innovation Plant (BBPIP) is a large R&D facility located on Wageningen Campus, the Netherlands. This infrastructure is used by Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) scientists (around 150 FTE) to develop innovative processes to convert biomass into food and non-food biobased products and secondary energy carriers.

The goal of WFBR is to accelerate the development of the so-called Circular (Biobased) Economy. Together with industrial partners, governments and other research institutes, WFBR’s Biobased Products focus is on the development of sustainable and economically viable biobased chemicals, materials, fuels and biomass sources for bio-energy.

Over the past three decades WFBR has built up a great extent of knowledge on properties and use of renewable raw materials. WFBR is dedicated to the innovation in the fields of biorefinery, biotechnological and chemical (catalytic) conversion processes and the development of new biobased materials. Intensive cooperation with industrial partners and SMEs drives WFBR to create market-oriented solutions.

The BPIP infrastructure, including installations available to BRISK2 applicants, is currently being used in the portfolios of both national and international bilateral and public-private projects within the whole BioEconomy framework.


PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameAvailabilityRig ContactEmail
WageningenNetherlandsWR1Conical Screw ReactorAvailablePaulien Harmsenpaulien.harmsen@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR2Counter Current Extraction FacilityAvailableKoen Meesterskoen.meesters@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR3Belt Filter PressAvailablePaulien Harmsenpaulien.harmsen@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR4100 AND 1000L FermentersAvailableJeroen Hugenholtzjeroen.hugenholtz@wur.nl
WageningenNetherlandsWR5Membrane and Chromatographic Separation and Analytical Characterisation FacilitiesAvailableCarl Saficarl.safi@wur.nl


Rene van Ree

Lead BRISK2 TA Contact

Carl Safi

BRISk2 WP7 Leader and JRA Contact

Koen Meesters

WR2 TA Contact

Paulien Harmsen

WR1 and WR3 TA Contact


Jeroen Hugenholtz

WR4 TA Contact

Alniek van Zeeland

WR5 TA Contact

Wim Mulder

Additional JRA Contact

Peter Geerdink

Additional TA Contact

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