The group “Sustainable, clean and bioenergy systems” in the Institute of Thermal Engineering at the Graz University of Technology (Austria), conducts experimental and numerical research on thermo-chemical biomass conversion and its integration into renewable bioenergy and biorefinery concepts.

Investigations are focused on the development of novel bioenergy systems and the main thermo-chemical conversion processes: combustion, gasification and pyrolysis; addressing producer gas conditioning and utilization as well as the reduction in emissions of air pollutants, which damage our health and the environment. The group is a key scientific partner of the Austrian biomass competence centre BIOENERGY 2020+ and has a close collaboration with national and international research groups and industrial partners in the bioenergy sector.

Research Focus:

  • Thermo-chemical biomass conversion: combustion, gasification and pyrolysis.
  • Fluidized bed biomass gasification.
  • Biomass gasification producer gas conditioning and utilization in SOFCs or methanation.
  • Fixed-bed biomass combustion and reduction of air pollutant emissions: NOx, PM, CO, soot, PAHs and tar.
  • Reaction mechanisms development and reduction for thermo-chemical biomass conversion (e.g. detailed RAC pyrolysis scheme) as well as gas phase reactions and pollutant formation.
  • CFD modelling of turbulent, reactive and multiphase flows. CFD-supported development and optimization of biomass conversion plants.
  • Bioenergy and biorefinery concepts for the production of heat and power, cold, liquid and gaseous fuels as well as chemicals.
  • System integration of biomass conversion plants in renewable energy concepts.


PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameRig StatusRig Contact
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG1Fuel test fluidized bed gasifierAvailableAndres Anca-Couce
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG2Continuous fluidized bed gasifier, tar cracking and methanation unit AvailableAndres Anca-Couce
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG3Fuel cell laboratoryAvailableAndres Anca-Couce
Graz UniversityAustriaTUG4Slurry oxy-combustion boilerAvailableAndres Anca-Couce


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Andrés Anca-Couce

Andrés Anca-Couce

Lead Partner & TA Contact

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