This update is by Lydia Fryda, leader for WP4, Protocols & Benchmarking. Lydia is based at ECN>TNO, the Netherland’s Organisation of Applied Scientific Research, which merged with Energieonderzoek Centrum  in 2018.

LNEG focused on gathering and preparing protocols for the datasets ( round robin activities) in tasks 6.1 Advanced Gas measurement techniques, 7.2 Biomass pre-treatment/fractionation and 5.2  Determination of kinetic parameters of pyrolysis, oxidation and gasification of biomass, while CENER took care of the benchmarking activities regarding these datasets. Questionnaires were sent around the participating partners in order to gather data in a consistent manner on the benchmarking of these round robin activities.

ECN>TNO is finalizing the new upgrade and update of the new Phyllis website. It has proven to be a challenging task – to categorize biomass resources and include all physico-chemical properties in such a way that provides valuable assistance to bioenergy and biofuels researchers. A demo is due out soon, but several functions are already in place (downloads in Word and PDF formats of multiple entries).

As WP4 also aims to propose new standards, the team members are following the CEN TC groups: CEN TC 411 – Biobased products and CEN TC 454 – Algae and algae products standardization. In the frame of WP4, the BRISK2 consortium will evaluate the opportunity for new standards.