I visited BIOENERGY 2020+ in Graz from 2nd to 21st in September 2018, collaborated with Peter and Stefan to carry out our tests. We used a single particle reactor developed by them to test my pre-prepared samples.  The reactor is coupled with FID and ICP-Ms, which allowed us to monitor the release of gas products from combustion of pellets time-dependently. The proposed project was to investigate the relationship between the thermal conversion of biomass and its major chemical components with the release of organic and inorganic potassium species. During the visit, we tested most of our samples according to our plans, then the technicians in BIOENERGY2020+ helped me do the elemental tests after I went back. And I did the continuing SEM-EDX test in the UK.  

It was a unique experience for me to attend the BRISK2 project and visit BIOENERGY 2020+ in Graz. I have learnt a lot during my stay in Graz, the people there were very nice, helpful and professional. 

I also have learnt how to prepare a research proposal and get contact with the potential researchers. It was really a big challenge for me to come up with the idea to prepare the samples that no one has ever done it before, but I managed it anyway and this gave me a huge experience in problem-solving during my research career. Besides, the collaboration is an important experience during my PhD study, it enhanced my ability to propose my research idea, communicate with international researchers and helps me to become a more independent researcher. I believe all those skills would benefit me to continue my research in the future.