BRISK2 has completed two calls for applications for transnational access (TA). Sixty applications for TA have now been approved and visits from biofuels researchers to BRISK2 research installations are taking place across Europe.

Please take a look at our Case Studies Page for more details on individual research visits facilitated by BRISK2

Applications will be welcome continually until 2022. Biofuels researchers can apply to BRISK2 via the website at any time whilst the project is active. Applicants must contact the facility of their choice to develop a realistic work plan before submitting an application to the website. Applications are pooled for assessment by an independent panel of biofuels experts. The User Selection Panel (USP) meets a twice a year in each April and October.

Pool DeadlineSelection PanelNotificationAccess Period
1 October 2018October 201815 November 2018November - April 2019
1 April 2018April 201915 May 2019May - October 2019
1 October 2019October 201915 November 2019November 2019 - April 2020
1 April 2020April 202015 May 2020May - October 2020