BRISK2 officially launched on 26 June 2017 with a 2-day kick-off meeting in Stockholm organised by Project Co-ordinator, KTH. Representatives from all fifteen of BRISK2’s brand new network of biofuels partners, representing research organisations from eleven European countries, met to discuss the Transnational Access and Joint Research Activities that will underpin BRISK2 until project completion in 2022.

BRISK2 follows in the footsteps of BRISK, which ran from 2011—2015 and offered Transnational Access to more than 200 researchers. BRISK2 has expanded to welcome applications from outside Europe and a broader range of proposals including biological conversion and bio-refinery, as well as thermochemical conversion. BRISK2 aims to support more researchers than BRISK, accelerating the development of bioenergy expertise, fostering a culture of cooperation and establishing Europe as a global centre of excellence in biofuels.
Alongside the initial launch, Project Co-ordinator Andrew Martin also led the meeting of the first BRISK2 Executive Committee (ExCo), consisting of representatives from seven project partners. The ExCo develops BRISK2’s integration strategy, monitors overall progress and ensures goals are met in terms of quality.

The BRISK2 Advisory Board and Transnational Access (TA) Application Selection Panel (USP), consisting of experts in biofuels research, will be announced at a later date. After a rigorous review successful applicants will receive funding of €1200 to cover transport, accommodation and consumable costs towards a 3-week visit to one of the BRISK2 facilities to support them in their current studies or professional research.