SINTEF is one of the largest independent research organizations in Europe with around 2000 employees and a turnover in the order of €350M.

SINTEF creates value through knowledge generation, research and innovation, and develops technological solutions that are brought into practical use. SINTEF is a multidisciplinary organisation with over 90% of its income through bilateral industrial research contracts and participation in European or National research projects. The institute carries out industrial contract research, as well as basic research in close collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim and the University of Oslo.

SINTEF Industry specialises in materials- and nano-technology, applied and analytical chemistry, biotechnology and environmental sciences. The involved research groups have comprehensive competence on advanced chemical analysis, modelling, optimization of process units, separation processes and the material and energy integration of bio‐chemical and thermo‐chemical conversion pathways. The institute has extensive knowledge within chemical engineering, catalysis, thermodynamics, reactor modelling, mathematics and flow modelling. The discipline also involves the demonstration of the liability of a product or a process through fundamental laboratory work, manifesting its usefulness in pilot scale and using the results to design and make cost estimates for a full‐scale process.

Separation equipment ranges from gas stripping, distillation, liquid‐liquid extraction, membrane and pervaporation units, recently research is directed towards improved energy efficiency of the separation step through development of hybrid processes. Recently, SINTEF has invested approximately €1M in a new laboratory for biorefinery processes.

SINTEF Industry has considerable experience in participation and coordination of EU projects (AMBITION, EriFore, FastCard, GRAIL, BRISK I and II, SmartCats, BIOCAT and AFORE), INTERACT, ERA projects and EERA cooperation

Research Focus:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Catalysis
  • Biotechnology
  • Analytical chemistry


PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameRig StatusRig Contact
SINTEFNorwaySIN1High Throughput Screening/Mass Spectometry UnitAvailableBernd Wittgens
SINTEFNorwaySIN2Biorefinery Labs (SINTEF MC ThermoConv)AvailableBernd Wittgens
SINTEFNorwaySIN3Biorefinery Labs (SINTEF MC BioChemConv)AvailableBernd Wittgens


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Bernd Wittgens

Bernd Wittgens

Lead Partner & TA Contact

Alexander Wentzel

Alexander Wentzel

Senior Research Scientist

Olaf Trygve Berglihn

Olaf Trygve Berglihn

Researcher & Additional Contact

Anders Brunsvik

Anders Brunsvik


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