EA Bioenergy Task 42 facilitates the commercialisation and market deployment of environmentally sound, socially acceptable and cost-competitive biorefinery systems and technologies, advising policy and industrial decision makers.

Task 42, whose members include BRISK2 partners Wageningen Research and ENEA, provides an international platform for collaboration and information exchange between SMEs, GOs, NGOs, RTOs and universities. The current work programme, which runs until 2018 looks at biorefinery systems, product quality, the evolving bioeconomy as well as communication, dissemination and training. Recent workshops in Sweden and Belgium have focused on the role of industrial biorefineries in low carbon and circular economies.

The new work programme, which will run from 2019-2021, is now being drafted. All stakeholders such as SMEs, industry, policy makers, NGOs, research institutes and universities active in the biorefinery/bioeconomy sector are invited to contribute ideas for the new programme in answer to the following questions:

  •  What biorefinery/bioeconomy data are you looking for?
  •  What kind of assessment tools are still lacking?
  •  What type of reports or papers provide added value to your activities?
  •  Do you need any biorefinery or bioeconomy based training?
  •  Do you want to be more closely involved in Task 42 activities?

Ideas, input and requests are invited from all stakeholders by the end of 2017 and should be emailed to secretariat.bbp@wur.nl stating in the subject line: ‘IEA Bioenergy Task 42—Input 2019-2021’.

For more information visit Task 42’s new website www.task42.ieabioenergy.com