BRISK2 partners take part in the following Joint Research Activities:

· WP5 Integrated multi-scale characterisation of new feedstocks for thermochemical and biochemical conversion processes employs methods applied at molecular, particle, and macro-scale levels for analysing key thermochemical and biochemical conversion processes.

· WP6 Advanced measurement techniques for enhanced process flexibility and reliability links BRISK II instrumentation to the needs of emerging technologies in commercial-scale fast pyrolysis, gasification for synthetic natural gas production, and other processes.

· WP7 Innovative biorefining approaches for sustainable biobased products combines BRISK II infrastructure for joint investigations with the circular biobased economy in focus. Research activities consider infrastructure modification and upgrading in pretreatment and fractionation technologies, biobased intermediates conversion, and downstream processing.

· WP8 Development of system simulation tools for comprehensive modelling of biomass conversion and biorefinery integrates experimental results generated in WP5-7, combined with results obtained from Transnational Access, for developing and improving existing simulation tools in technoeconomic, environmental, and social impact assessments.