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WP4 Update March 2020 database This update on TNO's database is by Lydia Fryda from TNO  TNO has been developing a biomass and algae database and the latest development is that you can now use an Excel template, provided on the homepage, to send feed stock composition to...

WP7.3 Update March 2020

Innovative approaches for sustainable bio-based products This report is by Ana Cristina Oliveira from LNEG. It is research work developed under Task 7.3. Miscanthus sp. is an abundant and inexpensive feedstock in Europe that can be used as carbon source in media...

WP7 Joint Research Update October 2019

This joint research update comes from Carl Safi and Wim Mulder from WP7, Biorefining Approaches. Carl and Wim are based at the Wageningen University & Research Centre in the Netherlands. WP7 has recently been focusing on investigating new pre-treatment and...

WP6 Joint Research Update October 2019

Members from BE2020+, ECN and CERTH and TUG at the labs of TU Graz: from left to right: Jacqueline Lagler, Lukas von Berg, Peter Sommersacher, Timotheus Tsiotsias, Stefan Martini, Tzouliana Kraia,, Johan Kuipers, Marco Geusebroek, Gernot Pongratz and Andrés Anca-Couce

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