I’ve spent in total 80 hours (10 working days) at the Department of Energy Technology implementing my research work titled “Development of the new method of quality metering of biogas. During this time I have completed the following tasks: 

  • The analyses of the approaches to quality and flow metering of biogas according to industry practices and rules of International Standard Organizations; 
  • Metrological evaluation (type A and B uncertainty) of the experimental rig consisting of the gas mixing station, the ultrasonic gas flowmeter and the reference gas analyzers; 
  • The experimental investigation of the new method of biogas quality metering: 
    • The preparation of gas sample matrix (800 biogas samples); 
    • The collecting the readings of the prototype of ultrasonic gas flow meter (speed of sound and ultrasound attenuation/energy losses) at arbitrary pressure and temperature; 
    • The reference analyses by gas chromatography; 
  • The data processing and development of the statistical model for biogas composition analysis and quality metering.