The National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG) is a State Laboratory of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition. LNEG’s mission is to promote technological innovation science and technology oriented for economic development contributing to increase competitiveness of economic agents in the context of sustainable progress of the Portuguese economy.

LNEG is aware that cooperative work and networking can optimise skills and that knowledge sharing is a tool for success, and is an active partner major networks and collaborative platforms in the areas of energy and geology. LNEG also collaborates as a consultant for public policies in their areas of expertise.

The Bioenergy Unit is a research unit of LNEG and its mission includes:

  •  R&D&I on bioenergy, for the use of renewable biomass for biofuels and biomaterials
  • R&D&I on sustainable biomass-based biorefineries, including carbon sequestration, for the diversification of energy sources, reduction of dependence on external energy sources and increasing security of energy supply
  • National public policy support on bioenergy, biomass and biofuels

The R&D expertise of the group in the different topics of Biomass and Biorefineries allows its participation in several national and international projects.

Besides LNEG hosts the only National Research Infrastructure for Biomass and Bioenergy, the Unit of Bioenergy has an accredited analytical laboratory ‐ Laboratory for Biofuels and Biomass ‐ under ISO 17025, with a wide range of standard in‐house methods and specific equipment for physical and chemical characterisation of biofuels and raw materials in compliance with European directives.

 Research Focus:

  • Assessment and mapping of endogenous sustainable biomass
  • Lignocellulosic biomass deconstruction for clean and pure sugar streams
  • Fermentation technologies for biofuels and biorefineries
  • Thermochemical technologies (gasification, pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction) for liquid and gaseous biofuels
  • Microalgae for carbon sequestration and bioenergy
  • Biogas production and purification, including energy recovery from urban and industrial effluents
  • Process simulation design and life-cycle assessment studies


PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameRig StatusRig Contact
LNEGPortugalLNEG1Biomass fractionation processes development unitAvailableFrancisco Girio
LNEGPortugalLNEG2Lab scale testing in microbial-based biorefineriesAvailableFrancisco Girio
LNEGPortugalLNEG3Bench scale co-pyrolysis / co-hydropyrolysis reactor for liquid and gaseous biofuels productionAvailableFrancisco Girio
LNEGPortugalLNEG4VLab and pilot scale testing in microalgae-based biorefineriesAvailableFrancisco Girio
LNEGPortugalLNEG5Lab and pilot scale wastewater treatment biological reactors (aerobic/anaerobic)AvailableFrancisco Girio


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Francisco Girio

Francisco Girio

Lead Partner & TA Contact

Cristina Oliveira

Cristina Oliveira

Researcher & TA Contact

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