Alongside the primary activity of Transnational Access, BRISK2 partners are collaborating on Joint Research Activities. These will yield an improvement in process flexibility and reliability, developing new approaches to biofuels production. Assimilated data and knowledge will provide input for simulation tools and will be used in a broad spectrum of analyses.

BRISK2 partners met again to discuss these activities in June 2018 at the Executive Committee (ExCo) and General Assembly meetings, which were organised in advance of the Summer School at CERTH, Thessaloniki Greece. All partners are now completing a comprehensive technology assessment to map the infrastructure’s capabilities.
Preparations for a ‘round robin’ are also underway, which will see the same experiments replicated in facilities across the infrastructure.

BRISK2’s joint research activities include:

  • Protocols, databases and bench marking
  • Integrated multi-scale characterisation of new feedstocks for thermal and biological conversion processes
  • Advanced measurement techniques for enhanced process flexibility and reliability
  • Innovative biorefining approaches for sustainable bio-based products
  • System simulation tools for comprehensive modelling of biomass conversion and biorefinery
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