During my research stay I was working at GasQ test rig (KTH1) at Department of Energy Technology (HPT Division) of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The purpose of my work was to collect experimental data for developing of the new method of composition analyses of bio gas. 

At the first step of my work I adjusted the experimental rig for the further experiments. Then I collected experimental data from real gas mixtures that will be processed afterwards. The final part of my work involved designing a statistical model (based on artificial neural network) that will be used for calculating of required concentrations of gas mixtures using the measured physical parameters. As a result of conducted work I obtained a large database of gas physical properties experimental data that will be used in further activities. Also I received new skills and knowledge in the field of gas analysis and equipment concerning with this field of knowledge. The results of work will be used as a chapter of my Ph.D. thesis and the basis of joint scientific publications. Moreover, the collected experimental database will be the basis of new experiments that will be conducted at the next stages of my research.