BRISK2 launched the first call for applications for Transnational Access (TA) in September 2017. Biofuels researchers are now welcome to apply to BRISK2 via the website at any time whilst the project is active.

Applications will be pooled for assessment by a specially appointed panel (USP) of biofuels experts. Call dates until 2019 are available online and are summarised in the table above. Additional dates beyond 2019 will be announced in 2018. The selection panel will meet in December 2017 to assess the first batch of applications and offer initial opportunities to access equipment and expertise with BRISK2.
Applications are now welcome for access in May-October 2018 and will be pooled for the next assessment panel in April 2018. Visit for more information or read on to discover BRISK2’s partners.

Pool DeadlineSelection Panel AssessmentNotificationAccess Period
15th November 2017December 201720th December 2017January - May 2018
1st April 2018April 201815th May 2018May - October 2018
1st October 2018
October 201815th November 2018November 2018 - April 2019
1 April 2019April 201915 May 2019May - October 2019