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BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH is the largest Austrian research centre in the field of bioenergy. We offer research, development, demonstration and other services in the field of biomass to energy to our customers and project partners. Our activities cover all relevant technologies for the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass. In addition, we also research options for the industrial, non-energetic use of biomass, e.g. the production of primary products for the chemicals industry.



Based on the matchmaking between the economic needs of a private company and the requirements of high level research we aim

  • to increase the performance of Austrian industry by being industry’s scientific and technological backbone,
  • to provide technology transfer services for industry partners
  • to educate and mentor young scientists,
  • to establish and care for successful R&D networks,
  • to significantly contribute to achieve the targets of the Austrian and the EU Biomass Action Plan,
  • and to significantly contribute to the formation of a biobased economy.



Our research focuses on three conversion technologies

  • biomass combustion
  • biomass gasification and downstream syntheses
  • biogas and bioconversion

as well as cross cutting topics dealing with

  • sustainable supply and value-added chains
  • automation and control of thermochemical processes and thermal systems
  • CFD modelling of thermochemical biomass conversion processes
  • microgrids


 Within BRISK 2, we focus on

  • Characterisation of biomass feedstocks and by-products from biomass conversion;
  • Conversion behaviour of biomass feedstocks in combustion/gasification/pyrolysis processes;
  • Aerosol formation and characterization in biomass combustion and gasification plants;
  • Development of new and innovative measurement methods for product gas trace substances and tars in product gases
  • Development of gas cleaning methods, e.g. desulfurization of gasifier product gases
  • Development of CFD models for flow and biomass conversion as well as flue gas and product gas treatment units


PartnerLocationRig CodeRig NameRig StatusRig Contact
BESTAustriaBE1Pilot Scale Combustion PlantUnavailableStefan Retschitzegger
BESTAustriaBE2Combustion reactor coupled with drop furnaceAvailableStefan Retschitzegger
BESTAustriaBE3Fixed bed lab scale reactorAvailableStefan Retschitzegger
BESTAustriaBE4Single Particle ReactorAvailableStefan Retschitzegger
BESTAustriaBE5TGA-DTG-DSC Coupled with a Mass SpectrometerAvailableStefan Retschitzegger


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Stefan Retschitzegger

Stefan Retschitzegger

Lead Partner & TA Contact

Norbert Kienzl

Norbert Kienzl

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